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Despite my life choices, I feel like I am worth talking to. You must admit that there is more to life than travel, and that everyday non-traveling people can have a valuable, nuanced perspective. Even towny-yokels have a story to tell- a rich, full story- brimming with challenge, intrigue, love, adventure, misery, and tragedy.

The human condition is complicated, and cannot be distilled to one dimension. I feel for those who cannot appreciate the adventure and beauty in everyday domestic life. I agree with a lot of the sentiments and the energy of the article- but I feel it is very myopic and a bit judgemental. Good read, nonetheless. Jason, an excellent reply. You are right about the human condition being nuanced and that every person no matter who they are or where they live has a story.

Most travelers are not independently wealthy, instead we have learned how to exist on nearly nothing and how to work while traveling. Much of what she has to say is true and is probably more directed at women. To hop on a plane and go to a place where you know no one takes a lot of belief in yourself and your abilities…. Thank you for your thoughtful response. Jason, well said my friend.

Membership is booming in the Old Men's Circumnavigation Society

I can tell you how refreshing it is to read a comment on line with actuall substance, and relatable content from the original article. In other words, you took the words right out of my mouth. My parents were of this traveling ilk and my sister and i were raised as such. Even though i feel as comfortable in the mountains somewhere as i do in a house, there is one simple fact of reality that only you, including the original author; has mentioned.

Last i checked, airplane rides to anywhere are not free. Gasoline for you car,bus,station wagon,moped also is not free. So, hell ya traveling is bitchen, living out and about should an incredible humbling experience, and im betting there are tons more folks that would be doing it if their circumstances allowed for it. Fantastic and well worth the read! So very true. I can relate. Makes me feel less odd somehow since I know other people feel that way. So true! It makes me want to cry. Your solo travel experiences really do build your core.

I hope to go back to it one day and find someone who is on that similar wavelength. Thank you so much for writing this article. Yes, a part of me died while reading this but I needed to see this. A tiny fire of faith has been renewed. Thank you. Go to retirement and get your freedom!

Next stop Burma.! Solo of course. Thank you! I, for one, am looking forward to getting back to routine, stability, a dog, family time, the material comforts of having a closet and hot showers again, and an office job. I reject this.

Some People Thought We Were Too Old to Sail the World

That attitude is what makes a lot of solo travelers really irritating, actually. Travel does not give you prerogative to stare down your nose at people read: the VAST majority of people who lack the privilege to travel as you have. Guess in some cases it does the opposite. Not being able to appreciate the people next to you and always yearning for something else is a great way to push people away from you. This article is so true. And so did the friendships and relationships. And there are so many more examples I could make.

Sad but true, expierences happen in transit but it is the life of the wanderer….. This comes across as egotistical in the extreme. I think many people are more flexible than you realize, even a lot of real-life solo travelers, and not this mythical solo traveler template written about here. So elequant and true. Am resting at the moment, but itching to get my case out for my trip away at the beginning of January.

Maybe the solo traveler in me likes the article but disagrees with the blanket statement of your title? This was perfect, and everything I needed to hear right at this point. Thank you for writing it, and sharing it, and knowing just how true this is. This is exactly the reminder I needed. I seek another solo traveler. Yes, we cannot lead a normal life, so seek a birds of a same feather. Normal life? Please…might as well be dead. Nicely written and so true. I do NOT agree that solo travel makes a person undateable — unless it made that person so picky about people that they are doomed to loneliness.

If anything it opened my mind and gave me more confidence in my dating life moredateable. I can see the point of this as I have been living abroad and travelling for over a decade. I do connect will well travelled ad interesting people. Most of my long standing friends in England have traveled a lot and we take a keen interest in each others stories. A well rounded and mature person should not look down or think they are in some way superior to those who have a less adventurous lifestyle. That is a recipe for loneliness. Solo travelling is a nice experience and every one should consider travelling alone at least once in their life, but there are many different ways of travel that offer so much fun and learning..

Travel can reinforce your love and connection with your co travelers. Solo traveling sounds in this article as a way to be emtionless and anti social or dating incapable. Really a great and beautifully put down. It feels like we are a new specie knowing where the escape door is from society strangles Thanks for the amazing article. Love how you write. Been a solo traveler for a while. It should make you more open minded and then you can talk to anyone. Just my opinion. Interesting article and whilst lots of it rings true, aspects of it is incredibly pompous. Being alone is great and I love getting to know myself.

But there are times that I would like a potential partner whom I love to come with me so we could experience and grow together. Being middle age and have been and continue to be a solo woman traveler, there are too few people that can relate to what you experience. Embrace your travel friends, in the moment and cherish them in your heart. It takes banality to realize the variety of humanity. You must admit that there is more to life than travel, and that everyday non-traveling people have valid, nuanced, perspectives.

Thank you for the insights. Well written and I think you are right. I have found solitude to be the best companion said an author. But when I come across people, booze me up and get me high. And yes I view it as stuck in a conditioned box that a week hiking and camping in a half man tent when reading and writing in my journal at 9, feet exhausted freedom. This terrifies so many, the sneaker hikers as well put and society in general. Very few venture outside the exhibited touristy areas. And almost all relentlessly take photos of everything and everyone they see and clog the newsfeeds of your social media with them.

Are we supposed to pretend that these people are better than the people who live and work every day? I travelled enough to learn that life and people are no that much different around the world. Maybe I have been in situations where my life was in danger and i dont want to make those stupid decisions again. Maybe I want to save my money for something more fun than staying in a rat and disease infested hotel in a poverty nation. Maybe I view impulsive decision making as a problem rather than fate. I think that if you are a solo traveller you are more aware that you need a life partner who wants to travel as well.

In fact, you dont waste time with anyone who cant understand you. Very well written! Why the need to put down and denigrate people who made other choices? Not so black and white, some travelers learn a lot, and some solo travelers mostly want to get wasted with other English speaking travelers at the hostel.. Everyone has a story. We share the world with equals. The privilege, entitlement, and self-righteousness of this piece is frankly disturbing. No one is better than anyone else.

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If you had truly travelled the world and realized your own humble place as a visitor to these other cultures and societies, not to mention on Earth, you would understand that all individuals are worthy of respect and should be treated thus in both word and deed. This post is narcissistic and close-minded and ultimately reflects the dangerous side of travel, travel not as a positive way to get to know the world but as a neo-colonial predation on it.

Acknowledge your own privilege and be kind to humanity. I think some may be offended by the bluntness of certain statements regardless of their validity though. What a pile of wank! Nicely written article I am sure a lot of solo travellers can relate to. I was able to reflect upon my own journey and felt a lot like this in many different aspects. So, travelling does not only set you free but widens your perspectives, your believes and helps you to look underneath the surface when it comes to making new friends or meeting your love!

Very well written article, all the best! I have lived and worked abroad in different countries for almost ten years now. During my journey, I have met people who have never left their home countries and yet are amazingly open-minded, free-spirited and enriching. On the other hand, I have met people who have traveled the world and made an impression on me as dull as dishwater. I have also worked in touristic cities and hostels for many years, and the rattling on about endless lists of countries and touristic attractions people have been to and plan to visit, ritual of many backpackers, has often bored me to death, especially as many of them do not seem to really learn anything about or connect to the culture of the places they travel to, and do not even have the wish to do so.

Now, depending on the type of lifestyle you choose, you may crave a certain kind of entertainment, and routine may make you uncomfortable.

If you are this kind of person, many people you meet might not provide you with the kind of entertainment you seek for your life, thus, bore you. I just think that solo travel is only one of many different factors that can, but do not have to, make you feel that way. At 72 and freshly retired I have just completed my first solo travel 90 days!

Oh how I can equate with the concepts and statements of this marvellous essay. And I met so many living examples of whom it is written to too. Solo travel let me see the difference in the men in different countries and experience different passions and cultures.

Solo traveling let me also appreciate my family and friends the more when your ready to go back home. Solo traveling gives me a break and those in my environment a break. Solo traveling has also showed me that I attract different men from different countries and that I am date able. Do not listen to those who are trying to say negative things about you and your experiences, you are honest and saying things others are afraid of, that is all, thank you for this.

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