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Subject matter varies from series to series. Whether figurative, still life, landscape or abstraction I approach the canvas with a consistent and honest philosophy to embrace the vile and repugnant with the same welcoming that is received by the elegant magnetism of beauty and that by engaging in this celebrated disturbance, a reflection of the human condition will occur. An agitation of normalcy in this peaceful fracas is what I hope to harness within the gaze of the viewer.

As an artist I feel that it is my charge to create a depiction that is sincere. Christian Spruell is an American painter. He currently lives and works in Southern California.

Royal New Zealand Navy’s Aotearoa auxiliary ship launched in South Korea

The Great Highway is a fine art gallery and working studio featuring contemporary works in all mediums. The gallery has a deep appreciation for images and ideas that explore where lands meet water.

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Current Upcoming Past. About the Arti st Christian Spruell is an American painter.

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It was am on Sunday, Dec. Until last week, no one had seen the USS Ward since —three years to the day of firing the first US shot of the war, when it was destroyed by kamikaze fighters.

The Curse of the Ship of Gold

Now, in time for the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor tomorrow, a team aboard the Research Vessel Petrel a ft exploration ship owned by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen has discovered the deep-sea wreckage of the Ward. Crews made the discovery on Nov.

Woman Finds Herself Alone on Plane After Falling Asleep

To ensure the location was accurate, researchers cross-referenced schematics and historical drawings.