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Main article: The Sickness Unto Death. Main article: Practice in Christianity. Disputed [ edit ] Once you label me you negate me. Variants: When you label me, you negate me. As attributed in Inner Joy by Kory Bloomfield, p I have needed God every day to defend myself against the abundance of thoughts. PV, p. Museum Tusculanum Press.

Misattributed [ edit ] Leap of faith. This phrase is thought by many to have been coined by Kierkegaard, but analysis of his works in Danish indicate that he does not use a phrase which would translate into English as " leap of faith " anywhere in his writings, though there are instances where he writes of a "leap" in a context where the concept denoted by the term could easily be construed: And how does God's existence emerge from the proof?

Does it follow straightway, without any breach of continuity? Or do we have an analogy to the behavior of the little Cartesian dolls? As soon as I let go of the doll it stands on its head. As soon as I let it go, I must therefore let it go. So also with the proof. As long as I keep my hold on the proof, i.

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But this act of letting go is surely also something; it is indeed a contribution of mine. Must not this also be taken into account, this little moment, brief as it may be, it need not be long, for it is a leap. This harkens back to the nuanced world of menstruation containment. Before women wore fitted underpants every day, they wore them only monthly, to keep pads in place.

It was a time when women were discouraged from working outside domestic spheres, and opportunities for women of African American and Native American descent were even more limited. When Coleman fell in love with the idea of flying planes, she knew that realizing her dream would be impossible in the United States—but instead of giving up, she moved to France to enroll in flight school.

Less than a year later, she returned home as the first African American and the first Native American female pilot in aviation history. Bessie Coleman was born to sharecroppers in Texas on January 26, She was one of 13 siblings, and like the rest of Coleman clan, she was expected to help pick cotton on the farm as soon as she was old enough.

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At 6 years old, she started walking to school: a one-room wooden shack located four miles from her house. Her classroom often lacked basic supplies like paper and pencils , and, like all schools in the region, it was segregated. Despite less-than-ideal conditions, she excelled in class and continued her studies through high school. In , her father, who was part black and part Cherokee , relocated to Native American territory in Oklahoma to escape discrimination in Texas, leaving Bessie and the rest of his family behind. After a year at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University—now Langston University—in Langston, Oklahoma, she dropped out when her tuition fund ran dry.

Even though she was more educated than many women of the time, there were few opportunities for her in the South. At age 23, she followed her brothers to Chicago, which, though racially segregated, was slightly more welcoming to people of color than Texas had been. In Chicago, Coleman was able to mingle with influential figures in the African American community. She went to beauty school and became a manicurist in a local barbershop. The conflict quickened the pace of technological advancement, including in aviation. For the first time in history, people around the world could watch fighter planes soar through the skies in newsreels and read about them in the papers.

Coleman fell in love. When her brother John returned home to Chicago after serving overseas, he gave her more material to fuel her daydreams. In addition to regaling her with war stories, he teased her about her new fantasy, claiming that French women were superior to local women because they were allowed to fly planes, something Bessie would never be able to do.

He may have said the words in jest, but they held some truth: Female pilots were incredibly rare in the U. Coleman quickly learned that American flight instructors were intent on keeping things that way. Every aviation school she applied to rejected her on the basis of her race and gender. Fortunately for Coleman, her brothers weren't her only source of support in Chicago. After moving to the city, she met Robert Abbott, publisher of the historic black newspaper The Chicago Defender and one of the first African American millionaires.

With her heart set on a new dream, she quit her job as a manicurist and accepted a better-paying role as the manager of a chili parlor to raise money for her trip abroad.

At night she took French classes in the Chicago loop. Her hard work paid off, and with her savings and some financial assistance from Abbot and another black entrepreneur named Jesse Binga, she boarded a ship for France in November Students were taught to fly using foot-long biplanes that were known to stall in mid-air. One day, she even witnessed one of her classmates die in a crash.

Describing the incident later on, she said , "It was a terrible shock to my nerves, but I never lost them. The first six students were brought to Chiron to train by Apollo back in Ancient Greece.

Actress Alexis Bledel wore a jumpsuit with leaf-like garland.

Their names were Aeneas, who fought for Troy in the Trojan War, the first Jason, who captained the Argo, Achilles, who was dipped in the Styx, Atalanta, who was a renowned Huntress, Asclepius, Apollo's son, who went on to become the immortal god of medicine, and the first Perseus, who would kill Medusa. According to various camp members, the camp has trained some very famous figures since then, including a few United States Presidents like George Washington , son of Athena.

As it grew in size, he had to move to the base of Mount Olympus, and one day Apollo showed up with a horde of satyrs to help demigods find their way to the training camp. It is a sanctuary for demigods, but before there were magical borders, things were a lot more dangerous. One night in Ancient Greece, a massive monster army stormed the camp, which was almost wiped from history that day. The next morning, the gods granted Camp Half-Blood magical borders that have stayed there ever since. Five years before Percy arrived at the camp, Thalia Grace , daughter of Zeus , came close to dying on the border, willing to sacrifice herself to allow her friends, Annabeth, Luke Castellan and Grover, to reach the safety of the camp.

In her dying moments, her father Zeus took pity on her and turned her into a pine tree, sustaining her life-force within it. Her tree's position on the border enabled her spirit to strengthen the borders of the camp. She later returned to human form and joined the Hunters of Artemis.

It is also mentioned in The Demigod Files that before the camp had magical borders, it was guarded by the Bronze Dragon about 15 years before it became defective and disappeared into the woods. It is said that the bronze dragon was an offering of the Hephaestus cabin to their father, and that it protected the camp for approximately a decade before getting lost. Percy, Annabeth and Grover set off to the west coast to recover Zeus ' main weapon, the master bolt, before the summer solstice, or else Zeus and Poseidon , Percy's father, would go to war. In the end, however, Percy manages to return the bolt to its owner, and returns to camp as a hero, much to the delight of other campers.

However, after awarding Percy his first camper bead, Luke betrays everyone by revealing himself to have joined Kronos , the Titan Lord of Time and stolen the bolt, and attempts to poison Percy with a pit scorpion. Percy survives the encounter, collapsing after the Arachnid manages to give him a sting on his hand before he kills it, being saved by Annabeth and Chiron and returning home for the rest of the year, but not before Luke manages to escape and join his new master's remains. A quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece is given to Clarisse after Thalia's tree had been poisoned by Luke using elder python poison from the depths of Tartarus, which weakens the camp borders allowing monsters to have access to the camp putting all the demigods in danger.

Annabeth, Percy and his Cyclops brother Tyson , not being invited, sneak off to join the quest because they fear that Clarisse would fail, teaming up with an initially obstinate and reluctant Clarisse and rescue both the fleece and Grover from Polyphemus , completely blinding him but who however celebrates on sinking their ship, and being rescued from Luke by Chiron and his Centaur relatives.

The Fleece, which can make any land a paradise, heals Thalia's tree from near-death within a few minutes and, by the end of the night, separates Thalia's physical body from the tree. Afterwards, it continues to maintain the borders at their usual strength, even without Thalia's spirit. Grover finds a pair of powerful demigods, Nico and Bianca di Angelo , whom are guarded by a fierce monster called a manticore at Westover Hall.

Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth go to the demigods rescue. The group meet the Hunters , immortal maidens under Artemis's command, near the school.

After a fight with the monster, during which Annabeth is kidnapped, the Hunters set up camp and Artemis asks for Bianca to join the Hunters, and she accepts. Camp Half-Blood is visited for a short time after Artemis has ordered her hunters to return to camp while she went on looking for a monster that the Titan army planned on using against the Olympians. Being an old tradition, the campers face the Hunters in a game of Capture the Flag , and are defeated for the 56th straight time, much to their and Chiron's dismay. That night, however, the Stoll brothers give one of the hunters that was meant to go on the quest a poisoned t-shirt as a prank, making her unable to join the quest.

Nico, worried for his sister, asks Percy to follow them and make sure she stayed safe, which Percy promises to do to the best of his ability. Percy and the surviving quest members eventually return to the camp, where Percy is left with the unfortunate task of telling Nico that his sister had passed away while saving the others during the quest. However, Skeleton Warriors manage to sneak inside the borders of the camp and attack the two. Nico then opens up the earth, which swallows the warriors into the Underworld , revealing himself and Bianca to be children of Hades and then runs away from the camp shouting that he hates Percy for lying to him and letting his sister die despite her dying a heroic death and saving the other members of the quest.

Percy arrives at camp to find out that it has hired a new sword instructor named Quintus , who also has a pet hellhound named Mrs. During a new game that Quintus had invented, he sends several groups of two demigods each into the camp's woods to find a gold laurel, which is tied to one of six monsters in the woods.

During the game, Percy and Annabeth find an entrance to the Labyrinth in between rocks in Zeus' Fist. Annabeth realizes that this passage can be used by the Titan Army to get past the camp's borders and attack from within. Annabeth leads a quest from the camp the next morning with Percy, Tyson, and Grover. After Percy blows up Mount Saint Helens while running an errand for Hephaestus , whose forge was captured by telekhines, Annabeth eventually returns to camp to break the bad news to everyone, and the camp holds a funeral for Percy, who coincidentally arrives during the ceremony. Percy and Annabeth return to camp after Quintus, showing himself to actually be Daedalus refuses to help for a little while after switching sides from the Titans and they prepare for battle along with a reconciled Nico, giving the news to the camp of the resurrection of Kronos in Luke's body with Ethan Nakamura 's allegiance and that Pan has died, passing on his spirit to all present at his deathbed and erging them to unite as one and protect the world.

The tide turns again, however, when Briares and Daedalus return with Mrs. Daedalus then sacrifices his life to destroy the entrance to the labyrinth at Camp Half-Blood and the labyrinth itself, entrusting Mrs. O'Leary to Percy and a laptop with details of all his inventions to Annabeth. Percy first arrives at camp after successfully destroying Princess Andromeda , but at the cost of Charles Beckendorf 's death. Chiron welcomes Percy back, but explains that the gods are currently away from Olympus , as Typhon had managed to break free from his prison after Percy exploded Mt.

Saint Helens. Percy realizes that the monster was a distraction to keep the gods away from Olympus, and that Kronos' main army would be attacking Olympus directly while the gods were away destroying Olympus easily. Nico also appears at camp to ask Percy if he had made a decision about his plan to bathe in the River Styx.

Percy agrees to do it, and the two leave camp to go to the Underworld after Percy receives a customary blessing from his mother. Hades captures him however, but Nico frees him and Percy bathes at the River Styx. With the help of the blessing, Percy later defeats Hades and travels back too Manhattan. Percy later informs the camp about his plan and the attack on Manhattan, asking them all to come.

After the battle, with the demigods emerging victorious due to Luke sacrificing himself to stop Kronos' rise, everyone returns to camp in celebration. Percy and Annabeth celebrate his birthday and officially become a couple in the mess hall after sharing their first real kiss. Several campers see this and immediately pick the two up, and toss them in the lake. Percy, however, creates an air bubble under the water, allowing the two to kiss again.

After the end of summer, Percy leaves camp with his parents and runs down Half-Blood Hill with Annabeth. Annabeth gives Piper a tour of the camp and finds her a weapon. The Oracle also shares a prophecy with the rest of the camp, but it is specifically directed at Jason. In order to be allowed to go on the quest, Leo goes into the woods and finds the Bronze Dragon , which leads him back to Bunker 9 , where Leo spends all night adding wings to the dragon.


Letters and Lace

The next morning, Leo uses the dragon to take Piper and Jason on their quest. After the quest, the trio returns to the camp. Leo and Piper become the heads of their cabins, and Leo shows everyone the existence Bunker 9. Chiron, once shown to the bunker, tells the other campers that the bunker was once used ages ago during the American Civil War - which he states was just as disastrous for demigods as it was for mortals - when the Greek and Roman demigods fought one another.

The camp is shown in dreams Percy had, showing the campers working on the Argo II. Later, after Leo had accidentally attacked Camp Jupiter and the seven of the prophecy are on board the Argo II , he wonders if it was a good idea to have installed the monitors. Leo wonders if they made the Greek demigods homesick after seeing Percy looking at one for a long time, gazing at the sunset over Half-Blood Hill. Annabeth goes off to Rome, asking Reyna to at least slow the Legion down. The Romans have set up base camp outside the camp grounds and wait for the first of August to strike.


Three campers, Will Solace , Lou Ellen , and Cecil try to sabotage the Roman's onagers but they are spotted despite the fifth and fourth cohorts causing a disruption throughout the rest of the ranks. The Greek camp and its allies prepares for battle when Reyna returns the Athena Parthenos.

Gaea then wakes and attacks the two sides. They join forces to fight off the monsters and rescue the trapped cohorts. When the seven arrive they join the fight and stop the earth mother. When the battle is over a funeral is held for the Greeks and Romans who died in the fight. In the days that follow the two sides get along and form an alliance. When Annabeth runs into her cousin Magnus Chase and the latter claims that someone is after him and that he needs to keep a low profile, she tells him she "knows a safe place indicating the camp " if he needs somewhere to stay.