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Dont buy until you decide to buy. Free yourself from false obligations.

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Write Do nothing In your agenda. Are you afraid to stop? The lazy millionaire is positive. The lazy millionaire tackles the most profitable tasks first. The lazy millionaire always strives to pay the lowest price. The lazy millionaire tracks minor invisible expenses. The lazy millionaire saves without suffering. The lazy millionaire lives like a king on a beggars salary.

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He knows that expenses always increase in a way that is directly proportionate to revenues. Therefore he diligently tracks his expenses and gets rid of unnecessary expenses.

The lazy millionaire saves regularly. He pays himself first.

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He spends less than what he earns. The lazy millionaire understands that most millionaires work for themselves and are either entrepreneurs or professionals. He knows that the money we save in taxes is the money that is most easily earned. Therefore he finds ways to decrease his taxes as much as possible.

The lazy millionaire trusts his intuition while doing things. However if his intuition always tells him that all of his projects are pointless and that every person you meet is dishonest or incompetent, he questions it.

We became millionaires - from our bedrooms

The lazy millionaire carefully plans his agenda and makes sure that he plans his vacations in his agenda. The lazy millionaire knows that time is the most important raw material , the substance by means of which everything is done, or undone! The first step to become master of your time is to free yourself from the tyranny of work. We sleep for 8 hours a day. We work for 8 hours a day. We travel to and from work for one hour a day.

If you have a job you love, they say you do not have to work a day in your life. But if you do not, you should try to cut it as much as you possibly can. One simple way to start is to spend our hard-earned dollars wisely and thriftily. The way to do it use discretion, discipline and balance. Realise that buying frenetically will not make you happier but will probably make you miserable because you have to work harder and more.

Then be disciplined and not buy. Be balanced and remember that there is always someone better than you and someone worse than you. These three questions can also help:. Buy moderately and enjoy the things you buy for a long time.