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In fairness, he did have a lot on his mind. Even listening to the recording afterward, Armstrong still wasn't quite sure. History has in fact remembered Armstrong fondly. And now we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of that moon landing. It was July 20, , when Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin made cosmic history as they became the first humans ever to stand and walk on a heavenly body not called Earth. It was a breathtaking engineering and logistical achievement.

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Humans had only started venturing into space less than a decade earlier -- and even then, just barely outside Earth's atmosphere. Our experience of space, which started with Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in April , was still quite limited when Apollo 8 made a trip 'round the moon in December , the first time humans had ever broken free of Earth's orbit.

Astronauts explain why humans haven't returned to the moon in decades - Business Insider

But after a total of six moon landings for the Apollo program in less than four years, that was it. Since Apollo 17 in December , no one's been back to the moon. NASA spent the next several decades focusing its manned spaceflight efforts on the space shuttle and on missions to the International Space Station. Now there are once again plans to put people on the moon. NASA says it expects to make a new moon landing by through its Artemis program , both for its own sake and as a stepping-stone toward eventual missions to Mars.

As NASA and others mark the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, here's a look back at that achievement -- and at what lies ahead. The distance from the Earth to the moon varies because of the moon's elliptical orbit, from about , miles , kilometers to , miles. By comparison, the ISS is only about miles away -- that is, one one-thousandth as far as the moon. The Apollo missions needed roughly three days' travel time each way -- Apollo 11 got from Earth to lunar orbit at midday on day three of its mission. For Apollo 15, it was about 4. Two words: space race.

Starting in the s, the US and the Soviet Union were going at it for bragging rights and military advantage, sending rockets, satellites, dogs and monkeys, and eventually people, into the ether.

Don't Come Back From the Moon

Then, on May 25, , President John F. Kennedy made a brash declaration: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth. No single space project in this period will be more exciting, or more impressive, or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.

After separation from the Saturn rocket, the astronauts continued to the moon in the command service module. The CSM had three parts: the command module CM , with the classic "space capsule" shape and containing the crew's quarters and flight controls; the expendable service module SM , which provided propulsion and support systems; and the lunar module LM , which looked like a geometry project with spindly legs and which took two astronauts to the lunar surface while a third remained in the CM.

The overview: Apollo 11 lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 16 and returned to Earth on July 24, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean after traveling a total of , miles in eight days, three hours and 18 minutes. They maybe had 20 or 30 seconds of fuel left when he actually got it down. About four hours later, Armstrong, 38 years old, stepped out, just before 11 p. ET on the 20th, a Sunday.

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He was outside for about 2. They were on the moon for 21 hours, 36 minutes including seven hours of sleep total before returning to orbit to rejoin the third member of the crew, Michael Collins, 38, who'd been waiting, watching and worrying. Venturing no more than feet from the LM and working under a degree sun, Armstrong and Aldrin -- like tourists everywhere -- took lots of photos and video, and gathered souvenirs in the form of moon rocks and soil samples.

They also set up a couple of rudimentary experiments, one to measure seismic activity and another as a target for Earth-based lasers to measure the Earth-moon distance precisely, which returned data for 71 days. They left behind an American flag, some of the most famous footprints in history, a coin-size silicon disc etched in microscopic detail with messages from world leaders and a small plaque saying "We came in peace for all mankind. Armstrong may have the most famous lines from the mission, and Collins the best book Carrying the Fire , but Aldrin nailed the description of the moonscape: " magnificent desolation.

That's right. The Apollo 11 crew brought back 22 kilograms almost 50 pounds of lunar material, including rocks, modest core samples and that dusty lunar soil that's so great for making footprints. The sample included basalt from molten lava , breccia fragments of older rocks and anorthosite surface rock that may have been part of an ancient crust. Those moon rocks and other samples, from all the Apollo missions, helped scientists get a better understanding of the moon's origins. They did indeed.

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Apparently, the astronauts really were supposed to use it for recording notes about what they were up to. Definitely not haute cuisine. Sandwiches with spreads out of a tube, like ham salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, cheddar cheese. Snacks including peanut cubes, caramel candy, bacon bites and dried apricots, peaches and pears. Turkey dinner of a sort, with gravy and dressing -- eaten with a spoon. Drinks included water, grapefruit-orange juice, grape punch and coffee, reconstituted, of course. In addition, not long after landing on the moon, Aldrin took Holy Communion , with a wafer and a small vial of wine.

It was a crazy time. Airline hijacking was a big thing, especially to Cuba.

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The Vietnam War was raging, as were protests against it. Honduras and El Salvador fought a "soccer war. Richard Nixon had only just begun his first term as US president.

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The Beatles' Get Back was No. But their relationship is threatened — and her anger incrementally diminishes — when her prodigal dad unexpectedly returns. Some supporting players are effectively cast nonprofessionals from the Salton Sea area. There are times, unfortunately, when Cheung pushes too hard, and struggles to wring symbolism from aural and visual allusions to the moon including what sound like archival news accounts of NASA explorations. Much more often, however, the movie captivates and fascinates as a free-form dream constantly poised on a knife edge between roiling nightmare and reassuring resolution.

The surprising yet satisfyingly ambiguous ending allows for either option. Producers: Jay Davis, Lauren Hoekstra. Crew : Director: Bruce Thierry Cheung. Screenplay: Cheung, Dean Bakopoulos, based on a novel by Bakopoulos. Camera color : Chananun Chotrungroj. Editor: Joe Murphy. Music: Johnny Jewel. Robert De Niro was not afraid to express his support for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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